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"Along the way" strategy to boost Zhejiang textile machinery export growth to further accelerate

2017-01-12 10:57:36 Haining Yilida Knitting Co., Ltd Read

Zhejiang Province is China's textile machinery and spare parts (hereinafter referred to as textile machinery) one of the major export provinces. This year, Zhejiang Province, textile machinery export growth accelerated. According to statistics from Hangzhou Customs, Zhejiang's export of textile machinery reached RMB2.84 billion in the first seven months of this year, up by 9.8% over the same period of last year. The growth rate was 5.8 percentage points higher than the province's average export growth rate.

Embroidery machine export share increased

January to July this year, Zhejiang Province, the overall situation of textile machinery exports to the good, exports in July hit a new high. In addition to February, this year, Zhejiang Province, monthly exports of textile machinery to maintain a record high of 380 million yuan. July month exports 480 million yuan, down 5.6%, growth of 23.8%. On the "along the way" along the country's export support role significantly. Zhejiang textile machinery export market concentrated in the "along the way" along the country, 1-7 months, a total of "along the way" along the country exports 2.42 billion yuan, up 8.7%, of which India, Bangladesh and Pakistan for the top three exports market. Embroidery machine export share increased further. Zhejiang embroidery machine has been the main varieties of textile machinery exports, and in recent years the proportion of exports continued to rise. From January to July, Zhejiang Province exported 1.15 billion yuan embroidery machine, an increase of 17.6%.

"Along the way" strategy to boost export growth

With the Zhejiang enterprises "along the way" along the country's market development continue to advance. Textile machinery exports also with "along the way" along the national capacity of the new and upgraded to achieve rapid growth. From January to July, Zhejiang Province exported 63.4% of its textile machinery to Bangladesh, 32.0% to Indonesia, and 2 times to Malaysia. The export of textile machinery to Bangladesh has increased by 32%. In addition, textile machinery technology improvement and performance optimization also stimulated the export of products. It is understood that the traditional embroidery machine priced at 8,000 US dollars / Taiwan, while the current value of the highest embroidery machine has more than 50,000 US dollars / Taiwan. In recent years, although the Zhejiang textile machinery manufacturing enterprises continue to innovate and improve the level of manufacturing has been greatly improved, but how to improve work efficiency and quality and other issues, and the European advanced level there are still some gaps. In addition, some companies lack awareness of brand maintenance and measures, the lack of product sales platform. To this end, Hangzhou Customs recommended enterprises: to make full use of the national "along the way" development strategy opportunities, open the international market; focus on technology, innovative ideas, and gradually narrow the gap with foreign industry.