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Transformation and upgrading of the textile and apparel supply chain needs of third-party quality assurance services

2017-01-12 10:54:20 Haining Yilida Knitting Co., Ltd Read

September 22, 2016, in order to solve the textile and garment enterprises in the appearance of the fabric inspection links exist in a number of test standards, fabric problems have occurred, the cost of both supply and demand is too high, duplication of work, production risk is not control, blurred responsibility And always lack of third-party arbitration institutions and other difficulties plagued for many years, the National Textile Fabric Museum in Zhejiang Xiaoshan Fulida Group held a national textile fabric museum third-party goods seized the establishment of the General Assembly Center and Fulida Commodity Inspection Center launch ceremony. Lions International Textile City, Zhengzhou Jin Yi Textile City related to the leadership of the China Textile Industry Federation, the regional testing center responsible person, the industry in all sectors of quality control experts, textile appearance quality inspection sub-Standardization Technical Committee members, clothing brand supply chain management Experts, representatives of textile enterprises, industry media about 200 people gathered. Witnessed the appearance of China's textile industry, the appearance of quality inspection center was established.

On behalf of the main leaders of the speech on the current textile and garment enterprises in the appearance of the quality of the fabric has been plagued by the quality of testing aspects of the finished product testing standards vary, the textile and garment industry, Quality disputes vague boundaries of ownership, trade friction occurs, and so troubled textile and garment industry hot issues were analyzed in depth. At the same time, the national textile fabric museum should give full play to the dominant advantage of public service platform, combined with textile and garment enterprises to product appearance management needs, from the standard-setting, standardized implementation, third-party seized goods, quality consulting services to meet the textile and garment enterprises The demand for real-world services and the establishment of an ecosystem for the industry indispensable quality monitoring system.

Playing the advantages of the platform to promote the industry standard

As a third-party public service platform for the textile industry, the National Textile Fabrics Center has been committed to building the whole industry's ecological service system since 2009, leading the textile-related enterprises to establish a supply chain cooperation platform for positioning high-end and service brands. National Textile Fabric Museum actively carry out standardization research, has developed three sets of national standards for textile fabrics on the basis of the recent completion of the textile quality standards for the development of groups.

National Textile Fabrics Pavilion Textile Inspection Department is the third-party finished fabric inspection service department of National Textile Fabrics Public Service Platform, which is equipped with senior fabric inspection and garment cutting experts, professional fabric inspection team, management standard fabric Finished testing sites, advanced testing equipment for finished fabrics, can be issued third-party inspection of finished fabric endorsement. Through the provision of professional and perfect inspection services for third-party finished products, the National Textile Fabric Museum will enhance the quality control of the garment fabrics before they are processed into the factory. It can effectively control the quality of the products, protect the reputation of the enterprises and enhance the consumers' The brand trust and sticky, while the whole effectively enhance the industry's product quality management level, and promote the textile and garment industry from the scale to the quality and efficiency, brand leap.

Fulida of the seized goods is the National Textile Fabric Museum of the appearance of the first appearance of the goods business seized goods inspection center. The center by the Fulida Group Hangzhou Economic and Trade Industrial Co., Ltd. is responsible for the specific implementation of the project. Through the introduction of advanced textile fabrics finished testing intelligent equipment and independent research and development of complete sets of information systems, built a large third-party appearance of the quality of fabric inspection center, focus on ensuring the factory fabric products hundred percent fit "adhere to the ingenuity, adhere to the standard" brand culture, As well as in line with different markets, different brands of quality standards. Fulida Group was founded in 1988, is a global focus on operating high-quality textile fabric manufacturers and suppliers. We have formed modern large - scale private enterprise groups, such as pulp, viscose staple fiber, polyester new material, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, etc. "Research and marketing" integration of the textile industry system and supporting thermal power, environmental protection and other basic industries. Is the national high-tech enterprises and the only "T / R product development base", textile fabric testing center approved by the CNAS National Laboratory, the technology center with spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, small test, pilot one-stop research and development And test capability. For many years among the top 500 private enterprises in China, vice chairman of China Textile Engineering Society, vice president of China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association unit.

At the meeting, the National Textile Fabric Museum, Textile Appearance Inspection Division will be based on the Fulida Commodity Inspection Center, in the next five years, continue to replicate the extension of the domestic market by 2020 to achieve the vision to open up overseas markets.