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The textile market into the traditional peak season cotton reserve turnover rate has rebounded

2017-01-12 10:58:23 Haining Yilida Knitting Co., Ltd Read

2016/17 cotton year, the textile market will also enter the traditional peak season, the new flower large-scale listing will take some time, textile enterprises to replenish stocks to buy reserve cotton-based cotton stock turnover rate has picked up. Last week (September 5 - September 9), the number of stocks listed cotton remained at 30,000 tons per day, all of the domestic cotton, a total turnover of 137,600 tons, turnover rate reached 92.03%. As of September 9, the cumulative turnover of the reserve cotton wheel turnover of 221.75 million tons, the turnover rate of 86.83%; of which the cumulative turnover of domestic cotton 192.12 million tons, turnover rate of 85.31%; imports of cotton total turnover of 296,300 tons, turnover rate of 98.16%. (The standard price), compared with the 19th week of 13,458 yuan / ton up 60 yuan / ton, the second round of reserve cotton out of the twelfth week (September 12 -9 18) round of sales reserve price of 13,518 yuan / 1497 yuan higher than the first week of the reserve price.

Last week, most of China's cotton boll opening boll opening period, most of the cotton area more sunny weather, light and warm than adequate, more appropriate moisture, favorable for cotton growth. Some cotton began to pick, a small amount of new cotton market, but are used for cotton, large-scale acquisition acquisition has not yet started. This week, only a few cotton-producing areas of the individual cotton enterprises tentative acquisition. Xiajin County, Shandong Province, only a few individual enterprises 400 tentative acquisition, 3128 white cotton, the purchase price of 7.3 yuan / kg or so, the acquisition of small. Xinjiang has a small number of 400 enterprises in southern Xinjiang trial acquisition, 3129 white cotton purchase price of 6.3 yuan / kg. Due to the high rainfall this year, the new cotton market postponed, the current listing of small, cotton processing enterprises are mostly in the standby and wait-and-see state

Since September, the domestic textile market has started, yarn inquiry orders increased, corporate orders increased, finished product sales speed, operating rate increased. As a result, the domestic cotton spot market prices since the end of July fell again, turn up again, September 9 China's cotton price index CCIndex (3128B) to close at 14,115 yuan / ton, up 34 yuan the week.

The same period, by the United States the main cotton-producing areas of adverse weather, the upcoming new cotton market in the northern hemisphere, the US dollar and other factors combined impact of the international cotton market prices first rose and then fell. September 9, ICE cotton futures contract closed at 68.88 cents / lb, the week rose 1.37 cents, CotlookA index closed at 78.45 cents / lb, rose 0.6 cents throughout the week.