Haining Yilida Knitting Co., Ltd

Company profile

Haining YiLida Knitting Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao joint venture of the cotton socks manufacturing enterprises, located in China's leather capital, the tide resort of Haining Economic Development Zone in Zhejiang Province Socks Park Kip Road 300. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo Expressway entrance and strategic location, transportation is very convenient. Founded in 1996, specializing in the production of all kinds of cotton socks, the company covers an area of 15,391 square meters, plant construction area of 21598.79 square meters, more than 150 employees, in the quality of life for the corporate philosophy, the introduction of The world's most advanced computer Waji more than 90 sets and a complete set of finishing equipment, computer jacquard knitting machine and computer socks machine design equipment system, capable of producing 120-pin, 144-pin, 168-pin, 200-pin single- 144 pairs of needle, 168 needle 176 needle double syringes and other specifications of cotton, bamboo fiber, modal, organic cotton, wool texture of men and women socks, Tongwa, baby socks, the company annual production of 18 million pairs of socks, The amount of 50 million yuan. Of which exports accounted for 90 percent, mainly exported to Japan, France, Canada, Britain, Italy, the United States and other countries.

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